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part 1: Hollywood or Bust 

Field of Dreams   /   A Star is Born   /   Dazed and Confused

part 2: It’s a Wonderful Life  

As Good as it Gets   /   Outrageous Fortune   /   In a Lonely Place   /   The Paper Chase   /   In & Out

part 3: That’s Entertainment    

Stand and Deliver   /   Basic Instinct   /   The Greatest Story Ever Told

part 4: Any Which Way You Can       

Living in Oblivion on Coffee & Cigarettes   /   How to Succeed in (Show) Business  Without Really Trying   / Sweet Smell of Success   /   Never Say Never Again


Q Smile80part 5: Come Blow Your Horn      

Terms of Endearment   /   There’s Something About Mary   /   Picture Perfect   /   Rugrats Go Wild   /   The Bonfire of the Vanities

part 6: The Incredibles    

Look Who’s Talking   /   Gods and Monsters   /   Ruthless People at Monsters, Inc.   /   Sometimes a Great Notion   /   Never Give a Sucker an Even Break

part 7: It’s  a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World   

The Thrill of It All   /   Monkey Business   /   Hollywoodland   /                         The Prestige

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